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2012 Bonita Springs Chapter Survey Results

This provides a summary of the responses and inputs from our March survey. 26 questions were fielded via online or written survey. We appreciate the time members took to help us! The board collectively reviewed the detailed survey results in a recent meeting and is providing this summary to all members. The input was outstanding and action steps in response to your thoughts are summarized in the conclusion section.

48 surveys were submitted representing 58 actual members (some responded as couples). This means 27% of the entire membership participated. (For perspective, a typical response rate for this type of survey and survey length is 10-15%). 34 of the surveys were taken online representing 75% of the total submitted. One third of the submitted surveys were completed in French.

What we learned about our members….

65% of respondents have been members of the Alliance for more than 5 years. Two-thirds are seasonal residents of the area.

The overwhelming top 3 benefits to memberships were identified as:

  1. The chance to speak the French language.
  2. The chance to meet/be around others who love the language and culture.
  3. The chance to attend classes.

The vast majority of respondents only belong to the Bonita Springs chapter and not another chapter in another location

90% of respondents have visited the Bonita Springs Chapter website and 30% claim to find out about events there. Newsletters and meetings were the other two ways that members learn about events. Emails and website postings are by far the most common ways respondents indicated they prefer to be informed about chapter events and experiences.

Less than a third of respondents have held an office within the Alliance. Only 8 have ever been to an annual Federation Conference – virtually all of them only once.

10 respondents shared special talents with us about which we were delighted to learn! 27 respondents volunteered for different assignments within the chapter! The board has noted all of these wonderful inputs and those volunteers will be hearing from us over the next months to solicit their help with some new initiatives!

Inputs and Ideas....

The programming department was particularly interested in several excellent ideas and concepts volunteered by the respondents, and we have noted special areas of interest that can be clearly served. These included focusing on regions of France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, North Africa and other French-speaking countries where members have visited or lived and offering up opportunities to do more with French cooking, film and….of course, wine! Books, art and history remain ever popular subjects, and there was strong interest in more opportunities to speak the language at all different levels of competency.

We learned much about where respondents first learned French or became interested in learning the language as well as about their life journeys in relation to French language and culture. From these stories, many programming ideas have surfaced, and the wealth of experience and knowledge in our group far surpassed anyone’s imagination! It was clear that respondents very much liked hearing about member experiences.

The overwhelming majority of respondents are very interested in what is going on across the Alliance Française in other parts of the country and around the world……and over 80% indicated they like attending Alliance Française events.

Respondents were eager to connect with members iniside our chapter, but split as to whether or not they wanted to connect with members outside our chapter. The majority said they would participate in some activity or experience on the website if it were a topic of interest.

Action Plan

Based in the specific inputs and popularity of certain ideas, the Board is considering taking action in a number of areas based on your feedback. During the off-season months we will be brainstorming ideas to serve particular interest areas and calling upon our new volunteers to help us execute on these ideas!

  1. Regarding current programs and events:
    1. We will work at adding a little more formatting to the programs, as well as providing, when possible, translation of the key messages in both French and English.
    2. We will explore working with our chefs to provide lunch menus representing different regions of France

  2. Regarding new experiences and ideas, the Board is exploring all of the following:
    1. Occasional evening meetings
    2. French Film experiences.
    3. French Wine/Cooking experiences.
    4. More experiences and opportunities to improve conversation for non-fluent speakers.
    5. Bringing experiences from Alliance Française chapters around the country/world to the membership.
    6. Deeper opportunities to meet people in the chapter and network, if desired, within the Alliance Française worldwide.
    7. Sending alerts to the membership about French cultural events in our area.
    8. Opportunities to share travel tips and experiences.
    9. Bringing back the Alliance Française Diploma recognition
    10. Offering more cross-sections of class experiences – perhaps one day seminars.
    11. New member orientations and mentoring
    12. Occasional field trips.

    We are thrilled with the response and list of wonderful ideas that came from this survey! Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to Dr. Afshani, the random winner of the $100 Bleu Provence gift certificate!

    Joanne Jacobs helps Dr. Afshani celebrate his big win

    Joanne Jacobs helps Dr. Afshani celebrate his big win!

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